Jon gives a quick update for his hunt for a job in the fall and talks about the Headstones concert in Moncton on the weekend. Snortz Comedy Club's main guy in charge, Spike Soulpatch (Adam Landry) drops in to the studio to show off a talented comedian on his roster, Stan Forte (Steve Fudge). Boy is he angry! Coincidentally enough, Steve Fudge and Adam Landry also drop in to discuss their current and upcoming projects ... including a big Saint Jon Forward Radio scoop! Recorded live Monday July 31st on Local 107.3fm 9-10pm


Headstones - Oh My God!
The Mountain Goats - Woke up Now
Sick Of It All - Act Your Rage


Steve Fudge and Adam Landry


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Sanitary Handshake Podcast

Hard Times

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